Создайте веб-страницу

Выполните самостоятельно
1. Создайте веб-страницу с заголовком "Using Paragraphs". Создайте два абзаца.
2. Создайте два HTML документа, a.htm и b.htm. Создайте ссылку от a.htm к b.htm. создайте обратную ссылку от b.htm к a.htm. Создайте HTML документ, содержащий следующий текст.
The Internet is a network of networks. That is, computer networks are linked to other networks, spanning countries. The TCP/IP transfer protocol provides the bindings that connect all these computers the world over.
A web page is not a printed page. That is, the guidelines that are applied to print may not apply to a web page. Avoid making the reader scan too much of the screen while reading the page. After a while it puts a strain on the eyes, and the reader may lose interest. Text should be contained within a few inches width.
Linear layout
Linear layout follows a linear structure. There is a sequential link between the pages. Each page has a link to the previous and next page. The last page has a link to the first page. This format is used when you are presenting sequential information. For example, chapters of a book or slides of a presentation which require the user to read the information in sequential order.
Absolute pathnames specify the complete path to the file from the root directory. For Пример, C:\\mydirectory\\htmiПpиMeps\\Doc2.htm.
Relative pathnames specify the location of the file relative to the location of the current file. For Пример, if the current directory is mydirectory, then the pathname will be<A HREF= "..\\Doc3.htm">Next page</A>
Создайте внутренние ссылки к различным разделам документа.

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